About LongFeng Carpet

Founded in 1886, LongFeng Carpet Factory is the leading hand-made carpet & rug manufacturer in the world.  It mainly specializes in producing fine quality Oriental hand knotted pure silk carpet, wool/silk mixed carpet, aubusson carpet etc. Now, Longfeng Carpet has sold his 100% handmade rugs to above 59 countries in the world. 30 Days Hassle-Free Return On Every Area Rug We Sell We Provide 24/7 online service, and will ship all the order within 2 days after you complete the payment. and the delivery time will be 7-15 days. Free Shipping Free Shipping for All over the World.
Our main product include: Handmade silk rug; Handmade wool/silk rug; Aubusson rug & tapestry.
Longfeng's main product include:100% hand knotted silk rugs; 100% hand knotted wool/silk mixed rugs; Aubusson carpets and tapestry. Longfeng has large quantity of ready made silk rugs stock for customer's selection at any time.
Longfeng carpet factory has built a strong Inventory on internet. For old customers, they do not need to come to China themselves again. Customers can do selection through internet conveniently and Longfeng sends silk rugs to customers by air then.

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